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augustanderson's Journal

August "Auggie" Anderson
12 August
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Auggie Anderson

A former CIA special operative, Auggie (Christopher Gorham) was blinded during a mission. He is now heading up the tech ops department within the DPD. Auggie understands the intricacies of the massive bureaucracy of the CIA in a way that few others do. He immediately picks up on Annie's intelligence and takes her under his wing to help her navigate the system. He sees Annie for who she really is and because of that, is willing to follow her instincts.

Despite his situation, Auggie is the last person to feel sorry for himself, and his positivism is infectious. Annie is immediately drawn to his dry wit and self-effacing style -- and his encyclopedic knowledge of the CIA. They are kindred spirits. This is one guy she can trust.

Auggie holds a very special place in my heart. My best friend was blinded during high school, and I learned so much from her. I learned about the challenges that she had to deal with adjusting from being a sighted person to being blind. Auggie’s strength reminds me of my friend so much.

This is a fanfic/roleplay journal. I do not own Auggie, and I have no affiliation with the creators of Covert Affairs. No copyright infringement is meant, and no profit is made by the author of these fics. I write Auggie out of love of a wonderful character.

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